Hiring A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Ares Espino/ July 20, 2015/ Photography

Wedding is an occasion that requires a lot of extensive planning. It is not about taking out a date, and getting married a week later. By extensive planning, it really is extensive. You need at least six months in order to plan out each and every detail, iron out any difficulties, and make sure that you do not come across

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Want To Promote Your Business With A Bang? Why Not Try A Photograph Kiosk?

Ares Espino/ July 3, 2015/ Photography

Twenty years ago, advertisements through posters and newspapers would have sufficed. Gone are the days, however, that one can rely only on these methods of promotion and advertisement. Through the stunning and convenient evolution of technology, more and more ways to promote a business has surfaced. One of these is through a photo booth. This can be a great technique

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