Ares Espino/ April 18, 2017/ Photography

Photography plays a special role in the modern day context of the normal society. Where people take pictures of all the moments they feel is worth saving and reliving them. There is a long history from how photography came in being what it is now but I don’t want to explain all of that today but I will touch on how it all started and focus more how it evolved in the recent past.

Photography started with a box, called the “Camera Obsura.” From then onwards time has passed, technology advanced and ideas changed the camera in to what it is now. There was the camera that printed photos as soon as the photo was taken and then the camera where the images would be save on a real and where it would be washed into photograph paper. This was how it was until digital photography came in to the world.Digital cameras have the ability to convert light in to an electronic file. This camera was first in invented in 1969. Till today all the cameras used a similar technology to process their photography. At the beginning the quality of the normal camera was not very high definition cameras. They can capture photography with decent lightning and from a decent distant only. Then Nikon invented the DSLR camera which took the photography world by storm. Other camera manufacturers followed suit. The DSLR has the capability of taking high resolution photography and depending on the lens it uses can zoom in from long distances.

Today, photography is taken from all angles aerial shots and even underwater image capturing. Aerial photography at DroneHeadz started by taken pictures from a hot air balloon and until few years ago you would take them while flying a helicopter. Today you have drones that you fry with a camera on it to take pictures.

This is mostly used to cover events or landscapes such as real estate photography in Sydney or magnificent environmental shots from creative angles. Today it is not that hard to find aerial drones like it used back 5 years ago. You must remember one thing about the photography is that it is always not only about the camera but the person behind the camera. There is not worth in having a camera if you don’t have the eye for picturesque angles and creativity while holding the camera. Great photographers know that this will be a perfect shot if taken from this particular angle by just looking at the object and the surrounding lighting.

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